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About Us

Founded in 2017 in Victoria, British Columbia, TUTTI started as a small food and beverage delivery company with the goal of building a delivery service that brings communities together.
Tutti has expanded its services and reach, now offering a fully-functional lifestyle and food delivery service in Victoria and nearby communities, and offers multicultural support through its bilingual app. TUTTI proudly specializes in connecting people with an outstanding network of locally owned businesses, including restaurants, liquor stores, grocery stores and other service outlets. Using state-of-the-art technology, its automated delivery system is also ideal for smaller businesses, providing high quality and dependable customer service while giving users an enhanced easy-to-use app that provides instant access to Victoria’s best and only food and lifestyle delivery service.
TUTTI has positively changed the way communities connect by catering to a new demand for more comprehensive delivery options while offering lower rates for both merchants and users. This means that TUTTI is much more accessible and beneficial to small businesses, and more user-friendly for everyone. TUTTI truly brings communities together!