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Victoria BBQ House: Best Roast Meat in Town
Update on Jan 28 2020

When it comes to Guangzhou, everyone's first impression is "eat". It is an indisputable fact that people in Guangzhou will eat in the hearts of the people of the country. There are three giants of Cantonese eating style: Dim Sum, dessert, and roast meat. Seemingly simple and light Cantonese cuisine, relying on the unique recipes of various shops Heirloom craftsmanship.

As China's oldest street with Chinese characteristics, Victoria Chinatown is "hidden dragon and crouching tiger". The authentic Cantonese flavor crosses the ocean and was brought here very early.

Victoria BBQ House, run by a Cantonese couple, is such an amazing but delicious Cantonese-style roasted meat shop. The more inconspicuous in the alley, the more hidden the unexpected taste. In the small storefront, there are one or two tables and dining tables, and various "cuisine awards" are hanging on the wall, patronized by many people. This roaster's shop has been in business since 2001 for 18 years.

The owner came from Guangdong, went to Macau to learn the skills of making dim sum, bread, and roasting meat, and then emigrated to Canada.

For the choice of location, we are more concerned about the convenience of children's schooling, "They are studying Chinese at the China Academy in Chinatown. To make it easier for them to go to school, we opened our store here.”

This roaster's shop has been in business since 2001 for 18 years.

Although it is a small, it has been frequented by customers during the interview. The lady helped customers chop chicken in the store, and the owner continued to share the story of the store with us. After opening for so many years, the store also has many repeat customers, and some customers move to other cities. When traveling back to Victoria, they will not forget to come back to the store to taste the familiar taste.

Victoria's charm doesn't stop there. The husband and wife and their small shops appeared in the local Victorian English newspaper in 2013. The lady stopped the work at hand and found out the newspaper for us. They were as busy in the newspaper as they were on the day of the interview, devoting themselves to making fresh pastries.

In addition, there are various Cantonese-style breads and pastries in the shop, which are all made on the same day and sold without the preservatives. If you like to try chicken and sticky rice, barbecued pork buns, fried spring rolls, and other delicious flavors, don't miss it!